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Discover the gardens of Eyrignac 10 February 2019

Why visit the gardens of Eyrignac ?

As you walk through the gardens of Eyrignac, you will discover a 500-year family history, a history of 22 generations that succeed one another to trace, draw and landscape this remarkable place, recognized as the most beautiful French garden in Périgord.

A few kilometres from Montignac, the caves of Lascaux and Sarlat, let yourself be seduced by the beauty, calm and serenity of these sumptuous gardens where topiary art excels. Charming alleys, boxwood, yew trees, magnificent basins, 17th and 18th century historical monuments invite you to stroll around in an exceptional natural setting.

Each part of the garden is a real painting that evolves with the seasons, with light, constantly playing with geometry and perspectives.

A lover of gardens, the visit of Eyrignac is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, elegantly combining classic French-style gardens, flowering meadows, orchard, vegetable garden and an impressive collection of plant sculptures.

A real moment of relaxation, not to be missed.

To discover the Eyrignac garden in pictures

How to visit the gardens of Eyrignac ?

Eyrignac, 24590 Salignac-Eyvigues

Tickets on site - Open all year round 7 days a week

Free visit or possibility of guided tours in English and Spanish.

The most

Bel Estiu is a partner of the Eyrignac Gardens, so you benefit from a discount on tickets. Feel free to ask me for a proof before your visit

"White Picnic" at Eyrignac every monday from 15th july to 19th august