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"Le gouffre de Padirac" An expedition to the centre of the earth 8 April 2019

Why visit the Gouffre de Padirac?

Located in the heart of the Dordogne Valley, in the Lot department, a few kilometers from the famous village of Rocamadour, the Padirac abyss is the first underground geological site in Europe. It is an exceptional and essential adventure to discover the depths of the earth and the treasures sculpted over thousands of years by nature.

On foot and then by boat, taken by your boat guide on a pure blue river, it is with your eyes fixed on the ceiling that you will discover impressive galleries in which vertiginous stalactics hang, 60 meters high. The show is magnificent, breathtaking.

When you arrive at the landing stage, you will resume the tour on foot in the room of the large dome, a 94m high cavity, where erosion and time have shaped a natural masterpiece of limestone.

The abyss invites you to dream with these popular superstitions, myths and legends. Beyond beliefs, it is a high scientific place at the origin of speleology, still visited today by many scientists in search of discoveries and fascinated by the geological curiosities of this unique abyss.

Immerse yourself in this incredible adventure.

Practical information

Le Gouffre, 46500, France
Tel: +33 5 65 33 33 64 56
Open every day from the end of March to the beginning of November.
Schedules vary according to the seasons, visit the site to schedule your visit
Online ticketing - reservation strongly recommended in season

*Multimedia guides in 5 languages: French, English, German, Dutch, Spanish

1 hour from the Bel Estiu house

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