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New - Yoga classes & Californian Massage at home 29 April 2018

Yoga classes & Californian massage

Enjoy the calm of Bel Estiu to reconnect, take a moment for yourself, and treat yourself to a yoga class, or a Californian massage. Outdoor, in the garden or in your room, it is with Emmanuelle, our great graduate yoga teacher that you will have a relaxing moment, a relaxation, a sporting or meditative break in the middle of nature.

Beginner, intermediate or confirmed, Emmanuelle adapts to all levels, the practice of yoga can also be done with children for a moment of sharing and family memories

Les mots d’Emmanuelle sur le Yoga

"At any age, beginner or advanced, enjoy an outdoor yoga session in beautiful surroundings during your stay at Bel Estiu. If time permits, the workout will be convenient to maximize the benefits. A gentle approach to mastering the body and senses, including breathing, postures and relaxation. Session for 1 to 3 people.

Rates :

Yoga class 1h00 : 38 €
Yoga class 1h30 : 45 €

Rates are the same whether you are alone, 2 or 3 people from the same family


Californian Massage

Emmanuelle’s information on Californian massage

"A full Californian massage session lasts 1:00 am I use organic oils and scented candles and music for a soft, zen and warm atmosphere that stimulates the senses." The complete Californian massage is practiced all over the body, from from head to toe, starting with the back and then the torso, with specific pressure points on the feet, hands and scalp to relax deeply.

It is a relaxation massage above all. This treatment combines both gentle gestures and effleurages intended to envelop and relax the person, and more firm and stimulating gestures, to soothe greater and deeper tensions "


(The Californian massage is not for therapeutic purposes and can not replace a physiotherapist or osteopathic practitioner).

It is practiced on the entire body (except intimate parts) and helps stimulate circulation and oxygenating the entire body.


78 € for one hour of massage ( 5% discount on a second consecutive massage for your spouse of your child)

A specific massage is also reserved for pregnant women (between 4 and 8 months of pregnancy).

Contraindications: The massage should not be given to patients with diabetes or to people with heart problems. Similarly for patients with high blood pressure. People who have undergone recent surgery should also not be fully massaged. This is also the case for those with infectious diseases.

To book:

** Send me a message to book your class or massage with Emmanuelle as soon as possible.

** Courses in French or English.

* Yoga mat provided.

Contact: - 06 50 69 44 04