Bel Estiu - Guesthouse - Périgord, Dordogne, France

Enjoying nature

It is around the majestic lime tree overlooking the courtyard and the garden where you can appreciate the peacefulness of Bel Estiu. There are beautiful views across the fields and of the pine forest, you can also enjoy the cool shade of a walnut tree, a real place to relax in the heart of nature. Apple and fig trees, boxwoods, wildflower meadows, the garden is naturally landscaped where each one can find their ideal spot to unwind.

At nightfall, under a starry sky indulge yourself by listening to the silence of the night and you may even be surprised to spot some of our local wildlife.

If you feel like enjoying a nice walk, take the path from the courtyard and you will find yourself in a few minutes in a beautiful forest and close to nature.